The Great Temple of Ranganathaswamy at Srirangam prevers an exuberant glory of the ancients, a glory of vast knowledge, astounding proofs of divinity within humanity that at one time, it took a massive effort to protect this temple from the invaders. This great temple has been a standalone monument since millenniums, where a dancer named Hambi initially built the inner sanctum and the additional structures were built by Pandiyas and Cholas. The temple even has the history associated with Master Goda Devi and her consort Andhra Vishnu.

This temple has 800 inscriptions both separately and included within the sculptures. The temple has a magnificent 1000 pillared hall, 21 temple towers, 9 sacred pools and 50 shrines. In the 14th century, more than 12000 people put their lives on board to save this temple from the invasion of Delhi sultanate. There’s also a reason that why the vellai gopuram is painted white. But today, people don’t realize the effort and that our ancients put to protect our culture that in the name of globalization, the invaders of the modern era are trying to target this culture.

This temple also houses a svayambhu of Ascended master Ramanuja where we can see how he looked. Here, he ascended openly and propounded his teachings. The Alvars also enlisted this shrine as one of the 108 divya deshams. This temple served as a school of ancient knowledge, a place of culture, music, dance and art during its days. The temple again got renovated by The Vijayanagara Empire and added greater fortification.