The Divine Spirit of the conquering Christ transcends all discord. Says the great 20th century master from the west, Baird T. Spalding in his ‘life-evolving’ set of books, ‘Life and teaching of the Masters of The Far East.’ This set of books did evolve most of the great work than all the religious text complied in the dark eras. This miraculous set of books documents the lives and knowledge of the common people who conquered themselves and became masters of their own destinies.

Being an English man who became a US citizen, embarks on an extraordinary journey with a team of explorers that encounter the great saints of the far East Including India, Tibet, and China. We only know great saints who’re famous and yet there are many more masters who’re infamous, not know to the masses, yet are the heroes to their own village or region. Mr. Spalding, being born in Cocanada during the company rule, developed his ardent interest in Eastern thought while having firm scientific knowledge decades ahead of their period. Be it Suryasiddhanta, or Sanath Sugatha or The Bhagavad Gita. These books have the true essence of all!

This set of books inspired many spiritual leaders and great masters of the west. This set of books stands as firm respect toward eastern living and knowledge that even the current generation of this very country need to take a look and even they do, will be baffled to accept the richness of this culture uttered by an Englishman. It is no wonder, after reading this set of books one might think who actually belongs to the Far East? Them or the Author and Team. So, this set of books is a must-read for those who endeavor to know more and are willing to delve deep in the REAL enlightenment which will open the door to a wider understanding and the next level of spiritual training and will prepare one consciously so that, who knows, one day, a master might show up in their life, tangibly or intangibly, to lead them to victory!

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari