Sundarar also referred to as Chuntarar, is an eighth century poet, he’s among the Tevaram trio, and one of the most important Nayanars in Shaiva Bhakthi.

He wrote the seventh volume of the Tirumurai. Composed of twelve volume of Saiva Siddhanta. Sundarar is very unique in Nayanars, both his parents are also Nayanaras. They were Temples priests.

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His parents arrange marriage to him but in the ceremony, a strange man arrives there and stops the wedding and shows a document that, he has to serve him. The village heads approvals and says that that document is authentic. Thus, he travels with that man to Shiva Temples. He then falls in love with a dancer named Paravayar in Shiva Temple, and marries her. Because of some past deeds, he suffers with blindness. Later, he heals himself after vigorous ‘Saadhana’ with the help of Shiva within him. He wrote many beautiful poems on Shiva.

One day, he prayed to Shiva for wealth, to maintain his family and to feed the thousands of devotees. Shiva answered his prayer with a gold shower and gifted a golden sword. From then on, he served thousands of devotees. And he attained ‘Moksha!’     

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari