The current Indian society runs by the famous discriminations of Caste and Gender. In which the governments use Caste to get power over them and urge women to fight for equality while silently restricting them from crucial decisions. The same has been used in Temples across the nation as these greedy individuals banned several sects from entering the places of worship which in turn made a way for other religious practices and decline of Ancient Indian culture.

But research shows that in Agama Shastra, there was no mention that it restricts certain castes from entering temples nor it inhibits women from learning Vedas or performing priesthood. However, these misconceptions were later created in dark eras by the invaders to apply their propaganda of divide and conquer. Even in Tamil ancient literature of Nayanars, they all belong to several sects, there were kings, and there were peasants. When we study Tevarams, Tirumurai and other great literature of India, Ascended Master Manikkavachakar openly disregarded these discriminations and said there’s no such thing as caste! Eve saint Tirugnyana Sambandar reaffirmed this fact!

In these literatures, it’s clearly mentioned that the menstrual Cycle of women is as natural as excreting waste from food and it’s completely a natural biological thing and there’s nothing impure about it. Now this gave rise to allowing women and Non-Brahmins as priests in many temples. By looking at these greatest evidences of our very ancient societies, we have to rethink about our norms that our very governments still use a Caste basis and they still use several tool of discrimination to control the populace. It’s time to realise our ancient treasure and bring back those values that regard women as divine and treat the divine within people alike, only then we will see an India awakened to its true freedom.  

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari