While the modern views of close-mindedness try to conceive the concepts of unlimitedness, only to get baffled when quantum physics intervene; the Siddhas proved many wonderful abilities that a man can achieve. Before Master Bodhi Dharma, Bhoganathar who’s notable called as Bogar went to China around 400 BC and taught enlightenment, they call him as Bo-Yang and now known as Laozi.

Being an ardent disciple of Ascended Master Agastyar, he himself attained that state of enlightenment and attained Nirvana at Palani. He himself taught Alchemy, Self Knowledge, and Yoga at Kataragama Murugan Shrine in Sri Lanka. He even installed a yantric plate in this shrine. After immortalizing his body, Bogar traveled extensively to various parts of Asia, mainly China. He discovered many fabulous medicines and various yogic practices. His treatise is still used for researches in the US for scientific research.

He said to have created the statue of Murugan at Palani with Nine various metals. He also wrote detailed notes on Kriya Yoga and Archery. He’s widely known for his Alchemical abilities and he’s the teacher of Babaji, Sattamuni, Pulipani, Kamala Muni, Machcha Muni, Sundaranandar and many other siddhas. His famous writings include Bogar 7000 – a collection of Bhoganathar’s 7000 poems, and Tao Te Ching. Bogar has been an ardent disciple of Siddha Kalangi Nathar of Benaras and one of the seven disciples of Tirumolar, who took much care and guided his disciple Bogar in many aspects and helped him in various inventions.  

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari.