Every day, archaeologists are stumbling upon a new discovery of our ancient culture and now they have found the ruins of an ancient temple right in the midst of a reservoir in Odisha. Many ancient monuments were sacked during the dark era and none of the current populace know what they were and when exactly they came into existence. The newly found stone remains belongs to the temple of Shiva.

When the water level has been lowered in the Balimela Reservoir, Malkangiri district of Odisha, the ancient temple ruins emerged. There were also several sculptures and idols of Ganesh, karthikeya and Goddess Lakshmi found in the wilderness, scattered here and there, which were once a part of the temple. However, the locals kept on honouring these remaining idols for centuries, but they know not where the temple is, but they told the media that, through their grandfathers, they are certain that an ancient temple existed in this place. Now it has become a reality.

However the remains which were found under the water at Panasput Village in the Chitrakonda area, seems to go back very long, the archaeologists have their own explanations that they say it might have been built during 14th by the Matta Mayur community. While some others say that it might have been built by Japore Mallik Mardan Singh Deo or by the Rulers of Nandapur in Udadi, these remains seem to be a part of Balla Narayana Temple.  

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari