Everyone thought that Srikakula Andhra Vishnu was a mythical ruler until the Vijayanagara Emperor Srikrishna Devaraya encountered this legendary being in a state that can’t be termed as a mere dream but as lucid as reality, or reality as enchanting as a dream. He saw a man, tall and dark-skinned, clad in fine silk, with a jewel hung to his breastplate, his eyes shimmering as bright as the sun. He introduced himself as The Ruler of Telugu People. The Telugu Vallabha. His countenance is as glorious as Vishnu.

Then the mighty being spoke to Srikrishna Devaraya for a long time and bade him to write a book in Telugu. Thus, this scenario has been noted down by the king himself in the book written by him, entitled, Amuktamalyada. In that, the encounter of the mystical emperor happens from the 13th poem. And in the 14th poem, Andhra Vishnu introduces himself and praises Telugu is the finest among the languages in the country.

Apart from Amuktamalyada, there are many Telugu poets who documented the glory of this mighty ruler that he built huge walls between the three Shiva Temples, Srisailam, Srikala Hasti and Bhimeswara, adjoining them to form a triad, in order to trap Nishumbha – a giant, and his horde. Thus, with his great army and his personal might, he terminated the giant and his troops, clearing out the caves in the forests. Telugu Vallabha, as he got enlightened, he took on a radiant glow, got the name Andhra Vishnu. As he travelled down south, he met Master Goda Devi who later became his beloved consort. It is said that his descendants are to ones who defeated the tyrannical rulers of Magadha from invading Telugu territories. A temple has been constructed at Srikakulam in the honour of Telugu Vallabha as Andhra Vishnu during the reign of later rulers.