When the world transitioned into a virtual platform of external influences where people worship images and get stranded amidst chaotic trends, the current generation completey put the ancient knowledge and culture somewhere in the attic of their deeper mind. But they clearly forgot the key to unleash it. When it comes to Music, the traditional style and lack of enthusiasts in converting the deeper meaning and essence, the ancient forms of Music became limited to some regions. But the recent advancements in knowledge brought forth an innovative idea to launch the ancient music, especially the carnatic Music into the minds of new generation music lovers.  

Carnatic Fusion originated to make that mission accomplished! Various Indie musicians initially came up with the concept and some songs extraordinarily suited with the modern music while some struggled out of tune as the musicians initially tried to change the original composition according to the new music which faced criticism. But the recent ideology came up with not changing the initial composition of the song but attuning the current music according to the original, made the song a modern classic! Now this trend started a notable revolution in the music industry that even the pros of the music now make their own music videos and audios with carnatic music fused with a little touch of cinematic music.

The magic came alive when the songs of the ancient composers met the modern music, tells us that how great visionaries they were to compose such songs of knowledge and can be blended with ease! Be they tyagaraja Kritis or compositions of Purandara Dasa, the new revolution made their songs even closer to new generations and made them to explore the vastness of ancient music. Singers like Bombay Jayashree, Shankar Mahadevan, P. Unnikrishnan, Karthik, Saindhavi and many others joined in this new trend of making Carnatic music reach to every music lover in the world!   

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari.