The celebration of Chithirai Festival, also known as Chithirai Thiruvizha has been resumed its celebration in Mathurai after a two-year break. Due to this, many thousands gather at the great ancient Temple of Lady Meenakshi to witness the divine chariot being taken out for a city ride.

This ancient festival will be celebrated according the Tamil New Year that will be held on 14th of April. The legend says that, on this day, Lady Meenakshi has been coroneted as the ruler of Madhurai and wedded Lord Sundareshwar. To mark this ancient happening, every year, people memorise that grand moment.

The temple which was built or rennovated by King Kulasekara Pandya of 12th Century, it has undergone repeated invasions and the celebration of this festival has been halted that time. When the Vijayanagara Empire made major renovations to this temple, the festival started again. The temple is widely known for its huge tower with exquisite carvings, large tank and the golden lotus in the middle.

Lady Meenakshi – The Fish Eyed one is also called the observer that never blinks. The chariot festival, following the wedding ceremony has been greatly celebrated on 15th of April and the festival of Kallazhagar to be held on the next day. The entire celebration of this festival lasts for a month and the coronation celebrations will be held for 15 days.