It’s the daily routine and common habits of a common individual, aids him or her in leading a better life. Our ancients have all the proven remedies and knowledge for every ailment on the globe as well as a solution for man-made ignorance. Apart from the 10th century invasions, the kings and saints put India back on its spiritual heels with an extensive effort through the Bhakti Movement by the end of 17th century. But when colonial rule emerged, they found the new ways of manipulation to keep the people asleep.

The advent of Opium and Sugar has changed the habits of many Indian Families that at one time opium was legal to sell and using sugar was a status symbol. And that began a subtle trap for closing the brain down again. While the opium scenario vanished and appeared into the highest forms of spiritual barriers, the usage of sugar equated the habitual tendencies to be carnal and not spiritual. And this became prevalent after 1947 that most of the schools were replaced by western education and Sanskrit has been intentionally eradicated and all medicinal herb-based treatments were ridiculed by greedy.

Now this has made people stray from their home ground of knowing, and began relying on Governments and their perks, that these days, God only became an emotional concept rather than an actual phenomenon. Well, when the cinema came, its actors eventually replaced the images of God and people started to believe in them. And there came a glitch that actors always act! So, besides having eons of proven healing data and spiritual evidence from the great masters of this land, people are being blindly herded towards a tentative abyss in the name of cure.

But nothing should replace God and its place of knowing and might. We’re in a juncture where we need a second Bhakti Movement that will revive India again to its wakeful state that it can never be put to sleep.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari