This Shiva Temple is located in a village called Ambar. And it is the 54th padal Petra sthalam in 275 temples. It is located in the south side of Kaveri river. According to the Nayanars, this Temple was also built by a Nayanar Chola king Kochengannan.

One of the famous Nayanars, Thirugnanasambandar from 7th century AD said, this temple’s name is Amber

which means ‘A Great City.’ This Nayanar king Kochengannan constructed seventy-eight Shiva Temples in south India.

The special attraction of this Temple is, Shiva seated along with Parvati with their son Somaskanda behind the Shiva Linga. They are self-manifested. Godess Parvati is also worshipped separately as ‘Poonkuzhal Nayaki.’ Near this place, there is a Vishnu temple along with Kaalo’s Temple.

There were few Chola inscriptions were engraved on the walls of this temples. One of them tells us about Kulottunga Chola III Conquests, including another Chola epigraph mentions the same name of this place Amber which was located in Amber Nadu, in Uyyakondar Valanadu.

According to the Temple’s folklore, Shiva manifested here as Bhairava for Indradeva. There is a beautiful Temple tank named Brahmateertham. This place is also called Indrapuri. This temple’s simple yet marvellous Chola style architecture will be an eye feast for devotees.