In the current world, the words: Greatest Generation, Baby boomers, generation x, millennial, generation Z and Generation Alpha were on the main discussion. They’re nothing but the categories of the world populace, according to the influences and the ideals they have been influenced by.

But in order to be an awakened entity, one must transcend these confinements of generations mostly because; these groups of people behave in certain way. When we observe this flow, the millennials, generation Z and Generation Alpha were targeted the most by influencers and greedy people because, these are the torchbearers of the future. Generation X which is the generation of 70’s has the inventors of the modern social platforms and they stand as the idols of influence if we carefully observe.

The same happened in the ancient era during the Mahabharata where you can see three to four generations in a row, for instance, Bhishma, who’s a forefather of Kurus, meant to rule the world in righteousness, went astray and gave the throne to an ignorant heir who later gave birth to a Tyrant.

The same is occurring here that the people of World War II are considered the Greatest Generation where the most industrialists came up and their multinational platforms gave rise to a tech industry that the Generation X took over then there came the millennals, the most targeted generation who gave birth to  generation alpha that can’t live without a Smartphone even before they learn to read and write. Here comes the dopamine into the scene.

This little dopamine played a key role in the history that what people indirectly craved for. The social media, smart devices, politics, entertainment and all sorts of distractions are based on this very chemical. When we carefully read The Bhagavad-Gita, Ascended Master Krishna tells Arjuna about doing work without anticipating the result is all about this! Krishna openly rejected the Feel-Good process that you do the work as the observer, knowing that it has been accomplished and not expecting the dopamine hit from its outcome, is the path to enlightenment; only then one can truly know the real ideal that we should be after and only then we let go of all the false idols.

This very knowledge can be applied to the current scenario that people are trained to behave in a certain way and they’re compelled to stay in the loop of instant dopamine hit, not knowing the true meaning of life.

Our ancients lived a wonderful lifestyle and they do know what to be felt and what to be conquered.