Amish Tripathi is one of the modern authors who always like to experiment with new facets of history and boldly expresses their perception whether it is acceptable or not to the conventional society. However, Amish emphasised many great aspects of our ancient land through his works, The Shiva Trilogy which starts with the Immortals of Meluha, and the Ram trilogy, and the Immortal India. The author, who enthralled not only the subcontinent, but the world, recently spoke to media and expressed his concerns regarding ancient history.

He strongly said that, it’s a wrong perception that the main stream historians are imposing on people that the culture of Ancient India was mostly Oral and was not written anywhere. But in reality, The National Mission of manuscripts has more than three million ancient manuscripts, have been written in Sanskrit thousands of years ago. This itself contradicts the common imposed beliefs while the Greek manuscripts of the ancient times are not more than 30 thousand or so.

Despite disestablishment of Nalanda and Taxasila universities by the invaders, these manuscripts persist as clear evidence that our ancients were far more educated and advanced than we think that they even possess flying machines, advanced medicine and far more knowledge, that India needs a complete reformation of the education curriculum. The culture of the ancients has been destroyed by the invaders in a thousand year period but more has been ruined in just the last 200 years. When asked about the current scenario of the world and how the western medicine is being pushed on people, the author responded that it’s better to trust the ancient science of Ayurveda than to go with the west as the current people of this nation are like they only accept anything that was verified by the west while we ourselves got enormous knowledge through our ancients. The author also said that the Ayush Ministry has done a great amount of research and found that Ayurveda is the perfect cure for the current situation. Apart from that, the author gave advice for new authors that ‘Keep your writing pure’ and have patience; the book will do its job. Express yourself in the book fully and leave the rest to God!

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari