It is an undeniable fact that India has always been a great pioneer in teaching spirituality to the world since long. There might be other great civilizations in distant history around the globe that were rich in spirituality. But, to speak, at least in this civilization, India played a wonderful role until the rediscovery of Quantum Theory in the west. However, there are a bunch of Yogic Practitioners and Gurus are there currently, many of them, say this or that and encourage people to follow their Philosophy, but not many encourage practicing the actual Vedic knowledge.

One might argue that we have enough resources and we have the internet and we don’t have to go to any spiritual guru but why do we struggle to understand this knowledge. And that’s because Philosophy becomes empty and too intellectual when there’s no real application of it into one’s life. It becomes a hybrid flower that has no fragrance. In the west, during the dark eras, it became so hard for the Saints and Philosophers to wake the people up because they’re so deeply rooted into materialism. But the renaissance moment changed it all! What worked for them is they applied what they learned, even a little.

We didn’t have that environment in this land that even in the farthest nook and corner, people, to a degree, somewhere in their life, didn’t hear that they’re divine, or at least the story of a great saint who once openly demonstrated the power of God within. But nothing has been put into practise resulting in empty words. In the west, most of them, be they spiritual or materialistic, run after practicality and application. The strong reason behind the reluctance to apply might be this: “Is this philosophy true? Or just a facet of mind?” But how can we know that unless applied into life? This trait has to be changed; people must not only endeavour to make an intellectual shift, but also need to be equipped with a firm determination and grit, in order to have a spiritual triumph!    

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari.