1. Karni Mata Temple in the small town of Deshnoke adores rats as divine creatures, the temple houses more than 25,000 rodents that coexist along with the devotees that visit the temple.

2. In Anantha Pura Lake temple of Kerala, A crocodile named Babiya made the temple lake its home since 70 years as no one knew when actually the crock entered the temple 7 decades ago. Since then, the crock only eats vegetarian and even roams around the temple, delighting the visitors.

3. Galtaji Temple in Aravali hills near Jaipur host hundreds of macaques and langurs where they accompany the visitors to roam around the temple, however, they trouble them seldom.

4. Chandi Mata temple of Chhattisgarh house much of wild sloth bears from the jungle. The bears show up at the afternoon and roam around the temple while delighting the visitors. Some trained temple staff look over the behaviours of the bears, however, any sort of cruel behaviour of the bears was seldom noticed.

5. There is a small shrine in Agrahara Valagerehalli village south of Channapatna, Karnataka, where the people actually adore and worship dogs. It is said that a businessman built this little shrine for dogs next to the shrine of Kempamma, a village goddess.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari