In Southern Asia, where ancient culture flourished with the richness of self-knowledge and language, before the advent of Pali and Brahmi, Sanskrit ruled the countries like India and Cambodia, but now, Sanskrit is one of the less taught languages and mostly opted out of the Indian school system.

But in Europe, the situation is different. Sanskrit is one of the widely taught languages and a whole new generation of enthusiasts now can read, write and even fluently converse in Sanskrit while most of our Indian Kids struggle to speak their respective mother tongue. This should really concern our nation’s officials as Sanskrit now became a crucial key for supercomputer coding.

Gabriella is such a torchbearer of Sanskrit from the United Kingdom, getting omnipresent on the internet with her divine songs in Sanskrit as Gaiea Sanskrit. 

She holds a degree in Sanskrit from the University of Oxford. She says that the sounds of Sanskrit heal people from inharmony and the exploration of sounds of Sanskrit is her life’s calling. Her Youtube videos became well circulated over people and thus she became well-known among Sanskrit lovers. She emphasises that she’d carry on giving the gift of her heart in song and explore the power of mantras, whatever it takes.

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia