The saints who revived the ancient knowledge were so glorious to behold and to speak about. Gangasati, a 12th-century mystic saint who participated vigorously in the Bhakti Moment, hailing from a Sarvaiya Kshatriya Yadav clan of Southern Saurashtra, Rajput family in Saurashtra district, Bhavanagar taluka palitana village. She wrote several Bhajans on Bhakti towards God. To her surprise, her husband kahalsang Gohli or Kaluba Gohli was also a mystic.

He was a follower of the Nijiya tradition of Bhakti Moment. The couple were very spiritual; their house became a Temple for knowledge and Divinity. They used to invite many saints to share knowledge and used to do many spiritual activities. Later they decided to live in a farm peacefully; they built a beautiful hut for their spiritual Disciplines. One day Kahalsang Ji resurrected his cow and showed his spiritual power then, he attained Nirvana. Gangasati ji also decided to attain her Nirvana after his husband but he insisted and requested her to write some Bhaj,ans and give some self-knowledge in them.

So, she decided to spread her knowledge through her Bhajans. She spent fifty-two days writing the Bhajans. She did not mention any deity’s name in the Bhajans but only the God-within and the importance of Bhakthi ‘Love towards God-self.’ After finishing the great work, she also attained Nirvana. Master Gangasati’s Bhajans are still popular in Saurashtra.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari