He’s one of the most remembered achievers of the Nath tradition, Gorakhnath is a disciple of Saint Mastyindra. When we look at history, we find Gorakhnath in various timeframes and meeting various saints and poets. It raises a question that did he actually appear in various moments of history or just he mastered the art of Transmutation? Whatever! He bears many names and different accounts in various parts of this country that he travelled extensively to teach Advaita and openly trashed the misunderstood vedic systems and superstitions.

His teacher Mastyendranath is one of the eighty four mahasiddhas who revived Hatha Yoga, thus he got an unbroken lineage of eight disciples together they’re called the Navanath ‘The Nine Nath’s’. Gorakhnath has many names and different legends in various parts of Indian along with Nepal. In Tamil Nadu, Gorakhnath is called as Siddhar Korakkar, and there he’s revered as the author of many works on Ancient Wisdom, Siddha Medicine and Alchemy.

Gorakhnath’s presence began from the 2nd century CE and he even appears to be met the saints like Kabir and Guru Nanak. Gorakhnath chiefly taught the Advaita and says that caste is nothing and is only relative to ones attitude that if a man is learned in ancient wisdom, regardless of birth, he’s a Brahmin. If a man is a trained warrior, and the protector of people, he’s a kshatriya, and if one is clever at doing business, he’s vaishya and if one lacks all the three attitudes and has only the ability to render his effort, he’s called as sudra. But in reality they’re all illusions and can only be stated according to ones mindset. Thus Gorakhnath set great examples through his simple teachings.