Located at less than a kilometre from Ellora Caves and 30 Km from Aurangabad, the Shrine of Grishneshwara marvels the devotees as well as tourists.

Being said as the last Jyothirlinga, the temple has a lot of ancient history linked to Mahabharatha. The original structure of this temple has been destroyed by Delhi Sultanate and it went under several invasions and reconstructions during Mughal – Maratha conflicts.

But the current structure of the temple was constructed by the philosopher-warrior queen Ahilya Bai Holkar, the noble Sardar of the Maratha Empire also rebuilt the Kasi Vishwanath Temple.

The Temple, being the smallest of all Jyothirlingas, resembles south-Indian architecture with the Pagoda raising up in five-tier style. Even in the reconstruction, the architecture retained its ancient-essence where the carvings tell the stories from Siva-Purana. It is said that compassion is very crucial in the path of enlightenment in which this temple itself teaches the pathfinders to be compassionate on others as well as themselves as they embark on the journey of self-conquest.  

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Coustesy: Wikipedia