While the vast amount of learning these days went online, a unique thought of re-establishing the ancient knowledge came to the Gujarat Technological University, which is now the largest technical university in the state recently launched new online courses on ancient Indian Wisdom and Vedic Knowledge in collaboration with Pune-based Bhishma School of Indic Studies

The 12 new courses include the study of Vedas, spirituality, ancient architecture, Indian arts, and Kautilya’s Arthashastra. GTU vice-chancellor professor Navin Sheth said, “The university has resolved to present the traditions and heritage of ancient India in front of today’s society. These courses are being run under the aegis of Dharohar-GTUs Centre for Indian knowledge system established six months ago.”

He also termed it as part of National Education Policy 2020, GTU came to a facet of understanding with Bhishma Indic Foundation where they offer a three-month certificate courses online. The courses also cover the global footprints in Indian Diaspora and it will also increase the ability of the learners to have a basic idea of how the ancient education looked like and will give them adequate knowledge enough to pursue more on their own. Amidst the increase of conventional online learning, this initiative is a welcoming step in the Indian education curriculum, that when it’s properly applied, we can bring back the glory of the ancient universities.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari