Until now, people only thought of music as a way of expression and a performing art used for entertainment. But the greatest of all musicians knew that they can literally manipulate the listener’s emotions by the tunes they play. Which in turn, music has the power to uplift your vibe! However, it has been alarmingly misused by the industries, using inharmonious frequencies and rendering the factory sounds and machine noises, in other words, a folly, in the name of music, which can deprive one’s mood. But, what about the true quality of Ancient Music in India?

The diatonic music scale of 7 swaras indicates in our body, the 7 glands, and 7 Chakras. Each swara directly touches a specific level of consciousness. Which in turn, music has the power to raise the consciousness of an individual, and clear his path for enlightenment. Much has been written about it in Gandharva Veda and Raga Chiktsa that music can be used to heal people and bring them back to harmony that not even modern medicine can do anything about. Scientists like Sir Nikola Tesla and Rife propounded that resonant frequency can heal any ailment in the body!

Unlike commercially industrialized music, the ancient way of music identifies a unique frequency to everyone. By using specific Ragaas, the musician can strike a chord of the desired outcome in the individual without ever going through any labor. A specific mood can be evoked by a specific Raga, for instance, Amrithavarshini has the ability to uplift one’s state of mind to the downpour of ecstasy and connects one to the God-Within.

Thus, the right use of music cleanses one’s mind and can revive them from technological disturbances and chaotic frequencies. It is proven that musicians like Vijaya Dasa performed numerous healings and even resurrected people back to life. Even today, ancient music plays a wonderful role, and frequencies like 111 Hz and 432 Hz are doing their best in reviving humanity. Thus, with the availability of information, it now became a minimum responsibility of every professional musician to use harmonious frequencies and uplifting music in order to serve a greater purpose of healing humanity.  

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari.