It is indeed good news for all of us! India has a huge Herbal park in Mana Uttarakhand, Chamoli district. It got inaugurated on Saturday. Sanjiv Cheturvervedi, the chief Conservator of forests ‘research ‘said, “conserve various medicinally and culturally important alpine species, as well as their ecology.”

It is near the Badrinath temple and it’s at the height of 11,000 feet. The research wing of the Uttarakhand government developed this park. Very rare species in the Himalayan region are conserve in this park. Those herbs are, ‘Badri Tulasi,’ ‘Badri Ber,’ ‘Badri Tree,’ ‘Riddhi,’ ‘Vriddhi,’ ‘Jeevak,’ ‘ksheera kakoli,’ ‘Maida,’ ‘Maha Maida,’ ‘Phemkamal,’ ‘Brahmakamal,’ ‘Ateesh,’ ‘Meethavish,’ ‘koot,’ ‘vankakadi,’ ‘Nilkamal,’ ‘neelkamal,’ and ‘Choru.’

The park has four sections for the herbs. ‘Brahmakamal’ is the state flower of Uttarakhand. The park has been categorised in four sections with the names of Badrinath, ‘Lord Vishnu,’ ‘Ashtavarga’ species, group of eight special herbs found in the Himalayas only. The third section belongs to the saussurea special and the fourth one consists of alpine species. This park is representing the importance of Ayurveda of Ancient India, and the knowledge of our Rishs towards health in ancient times.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari