Arunachaleswara is a Shiva Temple, located in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. Located at the base of beautiful hills.  This Temple represents the Fire Element of 5 Divine elements. ‘Panchabhuthas.’

In 7th century, two great Nayanars and Saivian-poets called, Thirugnana Sambandaar and Appar wrote about this Temple in a beautiful way. Their few works are, ‘Tevaram,’ ‘Sekkizhar,’ and ‘Periyapuranam.’ Appar respected Thirugnanasambandar as his guru as he’s a master in healing and in many art forms.  For more than four centuries, Chola kings ruled this place.

Because of a great saint Venkataraman Iyer ‘Ramana Maharshi,’ this place got even more significance in recent times. Many people visit that place for contemplation, and for mental peace.

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Pinterest