In the early 1900’s, it’s a phase when India had almost achieved its independence from colonial rule due to the massive efforts of Yogis and Masters of the period along with the freedom fighters. Sri Aurobindo, a well-learned man in Spiritual aspects by then, he contributed to the freedom movement through his writings and the country, despite the tyranny of the british, used to spiritually flourish. But suddenly the movement took an abrupt turn and Sri Aurobindo was imprisoned for 12 months.

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During that time, he first spent a month in seclusion, there he’s given The Bhagavad Gita to read. Then He started to self examine what led him there. From then, he again reaffirmed the teachings of Sri Krishna to see the God within every human being, living form and in every atom and to work very deeply with the source and remove the personal self and put the God Self in that place.

As he came out of the seclusion, which he calls, for he heard an inner calling a month before his imprisonment to stop all his activity and go to seclusion and ponder the knowledge once again, but he’s driving by the passion and duty of the freedom movement, he did not listen. This, he mentioned in a speech he gave at Uttharpara as he found all was changed and the freedom movement took a different turn, and everyone was silent. But in them he found a new strength and a new courage that the Sanathana Dharma, the ancient Culture, will uprise this land and this land will extend its arms to the far regions of this globe and triumphs over materialism. 

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari