Today the whole nation celebrates the incarnation day of the great saint Ravidas! His influence on Indian culture is immense, a splendid creative genius and a fabulous poet who gave to the nation great saints like Mira Bai, a disciple of his lineage.  

Saint and Ascended master Ravidas contributed to Indian Culture a lot in reviving it and he’s one of the forerunners of the Bhakti Movement! He’s a master of great work alongside Saint Kabirdas who taught humanity about the divine within human beings!

Ravidas Jayanti has a special significance among the people following Ravidas’ teachings, 40 of his poems were included in the sacred nature of the religion, the Adi Granth emphasized his importance in Sikhism.

President Ram Nath Kovind has greeted the nation on Guru Ravidas Jayanti. Mr. Kovind said, “Guru Ravidas was a great saint and a religious reformer, who devoted his life to serving humanity. Through his teachings, he delivered the message of equality, justice, peace, and harmony to mankind. Master Ravidas worked for promoting the principles of harmony and brotherhood throughout his life.”

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari