Did you ever wonder why ancient temples around the world have a larger stone platform beside a temple tower? Are they airports? Or much more? It is evident in many ancient temples in India that they do have Intergalactic or Interdimensional connections where beings from those places once came and resided to teach the people of the earth the knowledge to attain enlightenment. If you are inquisitive about it, go and check with your nearby ancient temple. The priests act as if they’re before a real being though it’s a stone statue.

Of course, they’ve been trained to do so. But in ancient times, real beings, in the place of those statues, came there and these priests still act like they are there. The greatest quality of Sanathana Dharma is that, whether people understand it or not, they carry the ancient memory forward in various forms of information or rituals. Why do they burn incense? Why do they sound the bell? Why do they utter wake-up call incantations? Does that mean, Shiva is an alien? No. Shiva is all of us. That’s what Advaita says. In our very ancient texts, it’s clearly stated that what and who is god. It’s our very life-force and our bodies are the temples that house it. But the current generation left the knowledge behind and ended up in worshipping the teachers.

Earth has a different atmosphere, and of course, every planet has a different atmosphere, and beings that dwell there, have different structural tendencies and mechanisms. It is foolish to think there’s a planet like earth, no, there are many planets that can have life on them. But their atmospheres are somehow different than ours. So, could it be that the incense in the temples represents that the beings/teachers who visit us breathe a different environment? And the bells are to alert people that the class is about to begin and also to spread out harmonious frequencies? And is there more a higher purpose that bells, the sacred crown (Shatagopam) are teaching aids? And why the Uddharini – The Sacred Spoon to serve the blessed water, is always depicted with the head of a snake at the handle and seven dots on it? Much more to contemplate and a lot to learn about our very temples that people often overlook, only to chase corporate philosophers to seek liberation, end up in too much hum buck, void of real application.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari