To answer this, we must first get over the illusions of theories like Aryan Invasion and let us just try to stretch our mind beyond and understand that the whole world was once flourished with the same kind of culture and knowledge that the current Indian history enthusiasts are saying that our very land is the place of its origin. But it only seems to be partly correct as the land of India seems to have extended far beyond. But let’s just confess that India is a divine amalgamation of various kingdoms that has a common culture and unity flourished together.

The Egyptians, The Greeks and even the Serbians, Celts shared the similar folklore and knowledge that seems to be originated from a same source but they’re void of it due to Roman intrusion. Instead of saying it originated from one country or place, could it be that it came from individuals around the world who attained enlightenment that shared similar realizations? If this is true, why do we see this culture mostly in India? That is not true at all. It’s rapidly spreading across the west! So, why did the invaders in the medieval period that we called the dark era attacked this very culture that they first attacked it in their own lands? And why do the corporate and political entities still target this culture in our very land? If India is the source, none will be opposing it. It’s a bank that’s why they’re trying to default it. We have evidence that ignorance existed that even during the 8th century BC, we do have an ongoing system of minted coins to facilitate business while we have masters like Siddhartha Gauthama.

The reason is this! India is may or may not be the primary source of enlightenment, but this land preserved that ancient culture that can lead one to enlightenment by freeing the individual from hypnosis and the illusion of weakness, by telling them that ‘You are divine!’ That’s the reason why, people like Pythagoras came to India to learn Vedic Math and Carnatic Music and invented the Harp, and Jesus took all that burden to travel here and lived the very same knowledge and demonstrated it practically in his country with the indomitable will that he openly resurrected himself! The 19th century explorer B.T. Spalding took that much effort to explore this land to document the great knowledge. This says, India indeed served as a Bank Of Ancient Wisdom to the world and we need more people to live it and contribute to its great deposit.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari