When we look at eastern thought and philosophy, especially the Advaita, it states that the world is an illusion perceived by the one who beholds. Adi Shankara brought light to this ancient facet, again in this civilization. The Advaita alone trashes all religious beliefs and dogmas and gives the individual who realizes her/his true self, the almightiness, and dominion over their own reality that can be virtuously utilized to bend the destiny to their will.

Advaita is the sole philosophy that totally withstood the recent scientific explorations and the scrutiny of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics. The recent studies say that objective reality is an illusion and exists only in the realm of the observer. And this alone proves the philosophy of Advaita to be a scientific fact that the ancients are actually trying to convey.

When we delve deeper into the actual application of Quantum Mechanics proving that the humanity is indeed the observer of reality, not animals and not at all robots. Though plants and animals constitute consciousness, but they lack the point of observation that they can’t collapse a wave function. The same goes on with Artificial intelligence that it neither has consciousness and nor has the ability to collapse a wave function like humanity alone can! This can be scientifically proven through the double-slit experiment as well as the experiment of delayed choice. So, in no doubt, the ancient philosophy of Advaita is now scientifically proved, that God is expressing through humanity!

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari