The festival of Janmashtami brought glory and freedom back to the nation amid the Government imposed bans across the nation. Seems like the people of this nation are slowly understanding the scenario that they’re eventually losing freedom by getting drowned in fear, which is the real Pandemic.

On the day of Janmashtami, the northern parts of India echoed with Jai Sri Krishna as they intentionally celebrated the Dahi Handi festival defying the imposed restrictions, and none were harmed in health as the officials thought. In the main cities like Mumbai and Delhi, even enthusiastic women sprang up to hit the pot, climbing the huge human pyramid! The people there were deeply dissatisfied at first as they’re being forbidden to celebrate. But before their unity and devotion, the system had to step back.

Due to the divine essence and the vibe of Joy, all were excited as they’re awaiting this moment to celebrate the fest, leaving all fear aside. The greatest celebrations took place in the historical City of Mathura and also the ISKON Temples. While the celebrations, people wished and prayed to the Lord to heal the nation and bring back its glory. However, there was a fewer number of devotees that appeared at Odisha while the procession at Srinagar has been revived after thirty-two years.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari