The great temple City of Varanasi has been packed up with devotees despite challenging circumstances around the globe. Devotees celebrated the festival of Maha Sivaratri in a joyful mood, however, the temple management denied entrance into the sanctum sanctorum due to hefty crowd of devotees.

The great Temple of Varanasi has a historical significance being the prominent jyotirlinga, linked to Ramayana and The Mahabharatha, where the great sages attained enlightenment.

The Temple is well-known for the grand gathering of sages and Naga Sadhus around south-Asia. Even during The Bhakti Movement, Saint Kabir das Performed Maha Nirvana at this place. The temple withstood many invasions and until Aurangzeb attacked it. But Warrior-Philosopher Queen Ahilya Bai Holkar rebuilt the temple in the early 18th century and brought back the ancient essence.

Great Poets like Srinatha and Kalidasa wrote the significance of this Temple and the City, where Shakti is celebrated here as the Annapurna, the finest form of matter and the feeder of the hungry while Shiva is seen as the Universal Vibration and Owner of the universe – Vishwanath. The temple denotes the journey that one has to make within to reach out to their own god for deliverance!   

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia