Everyone knows the day as the birth of Lord Krishna and celebrates it by honoring the child in their home. Is there any deeper meaning than that? Indeed Yes! Those are the times that became hostile for children and the rulers were so ruthless. But, people forgot to give priority to children. But with the advent of Ascended Master Krishna, their civilization learned to value children and began protecting them and honoring them. Because a child is a synonym for a spotless mind.

It’s apparent that Krishna was born of Lady Devaki not through a natural delivery but through surgery just as these times, that even a tradition that followed it by literally taking a little idol of Krishna by cutting a cucumber. They had to do surgery in order to save the child from Kansa’s sight as he’s anticipating a delivery on a certain date. But when Krishna learned of his birth when he became an able warrior, he terminated Kansa and ended the unjust.

This festival stands as a symbol of clear-mindedness and being born again that one has to nourish their inner-child by leaving all the past tendencies that came as a societal dogma. By honoring the child in our home, be it a girl or a boy, tells us that everyone is a child when we get rid of all the imposed illusions. So, we acknowledge that simplicity of child-mind and ponder thereby where we have to maintain that nobility and honour each and every day of our daily life. We view it as a little Krishna being born within each of us, giving us another chance to create this life anew!

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari