In the seventeenth chapter of Bhagavad-Gita, Master Krishna emphasizes the aspects of our daily life that complement spiritual growth. Many think abstaining from life, neglecting the embodiment, and not do anything at all is enlightenment. But here, Krishna says that what we need is to keep in mind that our daily routine has a subtle yet huge impact on our overall evolution. He tells Arjuna that, not only having a god realization in mind isn’t just enough, but Mindful living must be one’s priority.

Mindful Living includes doing things in a Focused thought, avoiding confused and unfocussed multi-tasking. Lord Krishna exemplified that how a Now moment can be pure is exemplified as taking Food that doesn’t trouble your body and which will not ruin your experience of your next meal which means, having no past impressions in the now by not contaminating this moment with the attitudes of yesterday..

Krishna also emphasized disciplines that help achieve a focussed mind. And Maintaining the body as a Temple facilitates one to do an uninterrupted Sadhana without abstaining from daily routine is by having clean thoughts, not speaking harsh and unlikely words, feeding your mind with the right intent, and avoiding any thoughts of limitations about you. He also says that keeping one’s mind above the dilemmas of the Tri Gunas will be of help in the way of realizing the God within. You see, God is always within us, and it is not a new phenomenon at all, and all we need is a focused and mindful living.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari