The Mundeshwari Devi Temple is located at Paunra-pahad, Ramgarh village in Kaimur district, Bihar. Here they worship Shiva and Shakti. This temple is considered as one of the very ancient temples related to the Mahabaratha story.

Guru Dhronacharya was the teacher of Pandavas and Kauravas, because of that reason, he got this land as a gurudakshana from the king.

After a study of broken Mundeshwari inscription of Brahmi script and its two parts found in 1891 and 1903 by Bloch. Another attraction of this temple is the symbol of serpents. It was constructed by rulers of the Naga dynasty.

Another folklore tells that this temple was also called Mandaleshwari before the destruction of the idol. Huen Tsang, a Chinese explorer wrote about a shrine, he wrote that he saw a light on a hilltop in this place near Patna at about a distance of 200 lees south-west. In ancient times, some Buddhist monks visited this place on the way to Bodhgaya. The temple, built of stone, is on an octagonal plan which is very rare. But the Shikara of this temple has been destroyed. The interior walls have niches and bold mouldings which are carved with vase and foliage designs. The architecture of this place tells us how ancient this temple was.

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia