When we think of freedom, one does need to fight for it. But they fail to realise they’re already free to dream and in turn those dreams come to life! Such a great 14th century woman from a washermen’s family from Andhrapradesh named Polamma or Poli. Being a homemaker, she’s an ardent disciple of The God Within, does her duty diligently even though her mother-in-law and cousins bullied her by throwing all the work on her in order to roam around the town.

But, Polamma, lit a lamp in banana shells and put it in the water whenever she visited the River. Even at home, she kept on focusing on the lamp for so long. No one knew what she’s been doing, but she became godly day by day, shining with immense wisdom and mastery over senses. But her relatives utterly failed to grasp her state of understanding. One evening, on a new moon day, the villagers noticed a great Spacecraft coming towards her home.

Polamma boarded that space ship, her body took on a vibrant glow. Her mother-in-law begged her to be taken but was unable to near the ship. The whole village felt stunned by the brilliance of the ship when it was airborne, carrying Polamma into the heavens. Even today in South India, this event will be celebrated by Washermen’s families as Polala amavasya. Not only them, most of the people leave lamps in the river and light a lamp at their homes and cover it with a cane basket, symbolising the space craft.   

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari.