The Kakatiya Rulers will not cease to amaze you, for their glory and advent has echoed unto eternity! This time, it’s Prathaparudra’s turn! The residents of Motupalli Village informed the archaeologists about the newly found Tamil inscription. Archeologist E. Sivanagireddy, who inspected the inscription sent it to Dr. K. Muniratnam Reddy, Director, Epigraphy branch, Archaeological Survey of India, Mysuru; to be read!

The Inscription has been written in Tamil in Grandha Script, which surprised the Archaeologists that how vast the Kakatiya kingdom would have been and even this area was heavily resided by Tamil-speaking people. The Inscription of Prathaparudra, dates back to Saka 1230 Kilaka Vaisakha, Su. 10th Wednesday, equivalent to 1308 of 1st August CE. It mentioned Motupalli as Desi Uyyakonda Pattinam. It mentions Prathaparudra as Kakatiya Rudra Deva II.

The Inscription mentions a land allotment for the Tiruvidaiyattam Festval for Raja Narayana Perumal, at Desiuyyakondapattinam by Cattanthai-Cemmanadiyal-Valumpothalakiyan alias Patinenbhumi-Vanikaratittan, for the merit of the king”; as confirmed by the epigrapher. The inscription has been reinstalled on the western wall of the Kodanda Ramaswamy temple at Motupalli, during the temple’s renovation in the 16th century. This inscription stands next to another Tamil Inscription of Emperor Ganapati Deva; called the Abhaya Sasanam, laid in 1244 CE, assuring the wellbeing and safety of Sea traders. Another fascinating aspect is that Motupalli has been visited by Marco polo during the reign of Empress Rudrama Devi during 1289 CE and mentioned The Kakatiya Kingdom is a producer of large Diamonds. 

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari