As we all know that the great temple of Ramappa, built by the Kakatiya Emperor Ganapati Deva, has been nominated to UNESCO WHS along with Indus Valley civilization City Dholavira, the former has been withheld for some reason while the later nominee has been taken in. Well, this might be a challenge for the government as they took various tasks up to preserve the temple but were not enough to meet the criteria as of now.

UNESCO not only considers the architecture alone for WHS, but they also take a whole large area including the surrounding ancient sites , and prohibits any other later construction or projects to be done. So the same has been mentioned. The government of India has sent the details of the temple in various languages including, Arabic, Russian, and all the main languages of Europe along with English, they’re confident that they’ll get the UNESCO approval in a later meeting which will be held on July 30.

The temple, along with the ruins of Rudreswara Temple, Warangal fort has been sent for nomination. But a clear token of maintenance and promise of restoration has been demanded. And their challenge to prohibit at least a hundred meters of the area from these monuments as to be done, which now stood as a stumbling block for the government to proceed further. However, they’re willing to proceed to any step in order to make this Kakatiya marvel a WHS site.  

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari.