Bangalore, though it is known for its tech advancements and its fast-paced hectic lifestyle, the City has a lot of Ancient roots where we find numerous ancient Temples across the city. Such a temple now became the site of attraction to ASI in recent days. The Ancient Temple of Ranganathaswamy has been believed to be around for 500 years in the city, built by Vijayanagara Rulers. But the archaeologists discovered something fascinating in the temple!

Indian Explorer Praveen Mohan pointed out this new discovery in his new documentary that why the archaeologists suddenly turned their interest on this temple situated in the middle of the city. The temple looks newly painted with tiles on the floor, yet it has massive stone massionary from the ancient period. Though the temple has undergone various makeovers, the original structure still remains intact. The Pillars in the temple have a unique quality in that they’re made of five different stones and have a rotating stone tire above, which can be rotated at ease.

Mr. Praveen also pointed out that the temple authorities, instead of protecting them, they simply sealed the stone tires with concrete, leaving only one pillar intact. But when the archaeologists came and they found that the stone masonry dates back to 800 AD or much further as the temple has been renovated, not built, by Vijayanagara Empire. The Explorer also noted that in one of his previous documentation of another Ranganatha Swamy Temple where an ancient flying object has been unearthed and kept secretly away from the public; he suspects that there must also be a secret chamber beneath this temple.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari