As we know that Assam has been famous for Tea but little is known to a 12th standard student about this wonderful master who transformed north India during the bhakti movement is one of the true examples of Divine Will embodied when unleashed. Saint Shankaradeva, hails from Borduwa Alipukhuri. Nagaon district of Assam, became the leader of the vaishnavaite philosophy and Advaita as he began travelling throughout India.

Sankaradeva is not only spiritual but also bodily able that he could swim River Brahmaputra across during its rage. He’s not just a saint, he’s an actor, dramatist, musician, poet, playwright and a polymath genius who excelled in many talents. He used to compose many songs and played the instruments on his own. He always looked thirty and strongly built. He performed miraculous healings and initiated many people into ancient wisdom.

The 14th century saint openly criticized the caste system and religions yet he revered the Bhagavadgita. His Eka-Sharanadharma inspired the Koch and Ahom Kingdoms. His philosophy today survives to a degree in the form of Sattras, which are monasteries in Assam. His literary works include Harischandra Upakhyana, Bhakti Pradeep, Kirtan Ghosa, Rukminiharana, Ajamilopakhyanam and much more. His pilgrimage took him from Tol to Rameswaram, Mathura, Dwaraka and the length and breadth of India, thus he became a part of pan-India Bhakti Movement, working with other Masters.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari