Whenever we think of Ascended Master Ayyappa, one might think of the vague tales and made-up scenarios that make him far away from reality. But in truth, he’s so real just as yourself in the mirror. He’s a Pandya Prince and the son of King Rajasekhara Pandiyan and Koperun Devi. The historical evidence of his existence can be found where he received the training of Kalaripayattu from the Cheerappanchara family.

In the place called Swamipura, then called KalariPura, there’s still a hut where the Warrior Yogi has been trained and the weapons Used by him were still preserved. It’s where a scenario emerged that Lady Maalikapurathamma, the daughter of the Kalari teacher proposed to Lord Ayyappa. But He rejected it with the reason that he’s doing the disciples vigorously and can only marry her when no lad or girl in that area can come to Sabarimala, in other words, when all are enlightened.

Swami Pura or Kalari Pura at Muhamma in Alappuzha District of Kerala is now got the attention of numerous tourists as it turned out to be a startling place of evidence of the Master Ayyapa’s presence. As the pura/hut can now be seen in its original form, is duly taken care of by the present generation of the Cheerappanchara family. The Pilgrims who come to Sabarimala also visit this historic place.

It is said that Ayyappa used to serve Payasam to his co-Kalari practitioners after training. There’s also a Sanskrit verse uttered by Ayyapa before his ascent at Sabarimala where he got vanished into thin air before the people of his kingdom.

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