It’s a rare sight when people from mainstream entertainment come up and promote true solutions for a better life through ancient culture. This time, its actress Tamannah Bhatia who co-authored a book called ‘Back To Roots: Celebrating Indian Wisdom and Wellness. published by Penguin Random House India will be available from August 30.

Along with holistic Life-Coach Luke Coutinho, Tamannah co-authored this book that deals with India’s Ancient Knowledge and conveys it to the readers that how simple it is to apply ancient India’s lifestyle to daily life to heal oneself from any disease and attain longevity by improving their lifestyle.

The book propounds observation and deductive reasoning and for instance the Indian squat and touching the feet of elders is a form of respect that the current generation is forgetting. This book, along with ancient recopies, has more than a hundred remedies from simple Ayurveda. This book mainly focuses on long-term wellness.

Regarding her book on Ancient India’s lifestyle, Tamannah said, ’Back To Roots’ is my first book and is special for the very same reason. But more than that, it is something I genuinely believe in and want more people to experience it. My aim is to make people understand the importance of our ancient practices with this book because it goes beyond the idea of being physically fit. Especially, in today’s time, with the constant pressure and race, this cultural knowledge has more significance than anything else”

“India is such an assortment of cultural beliefs and practices, and when this is understood and practiced with logic and understanding, it has the immense power to change our health,” said Luke Coutinho, “While advancement and technology are good and required, it shouldn’t define us. We still need to stick to roots. The inspiration behind my practice has always been nature and our rich cultural wisdom and through this book, we aim to revive them and inspire people to adopt these golden practices.”

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari