The startling wisdom that can be pondered in this great book called The Maha Ramayanam aka Yogavasistam delves deeply into the aspect of what is the essence of humanity? Who are we really? And these questions were deliberately answered and were written elusively by saint Valmiki, with The Great Ram as the protagonist. Valmiki captured a scenario of Ram’s learning of the universal secrets through his teacher, which we encounter in this book, sage Vasista.

In this book comprised of 32,000 verses, Ram is seen as a fierce – depressed – aggressive warrior of sixteen or so. Sage Vasista clarifies all his qualms and explains about the identity of humanity that the Eternal Void – The Chidakasha is expressing through each one of us. Then there comes a great question from Ram that ‘If the great Void is expressing through all of us, why we forgot all of it and why these limitations?’ Then the sage gave an answer in which is the true essence of this entire book.

When the Void – The Chidakasha is expressing through humanity, due to the Rajoguna: Tyranny, it has been clouded by ignorance. Imagine a little child who thinks the sky is limited when it’s cloudy and he again thinks the sky is vast only by seeing countless stars at night. In the same way, humanity is shrouded with ignorance and imposed dogmas that are causing forgetfulness of our own divinity. In truth, Jivo Brahmeti Naaparah: the life force is god, nothing else. Sarvam kalvidam brahma: All will always be God. Aham Brahmasmi: I am God. Tatvam Asi: You are God. So Hum: It is Me. Deham Devalayam: This body is a temple. When you realize this, you’ll be able to express your divinity through this vehicle, and keep it vital and turn it into any ideal you desire. And did you know, apart from all the man-made delusions and limitations, The Void remains unharmed, waiting to express itself through human form?

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari