Whenever one hears about this name, they, in not time, will be connected to the tales of his adventures that he travels into woods along with his minister Bhatti and owns a Genie! Many others think they’re all myths. But this story indeed tells us a deep story and one has to conquer themselves. Samrat Vikramaditya is indeed a real Emperor of India with Ujjain as his capital, he attained enlightenment and encouraged poets like Kalidasa in his court.

Much has been written about this ancient King in the Vikramarkacharitramu and other sripts by Kalidasa. The story of this king going to the jungle is not thing but an outer depiction of his own journey within and he returns victorious after diligent focus and grit. This story tells of the importance of Grit in one’s life. No matter how many times the genie goes back, Vikramaditya didn’t give up and persevered till the Bhetala surrendered to him! Vikramaditya has a lot of connection with foreign lands and other worldly beings. Many Kings of this land adopted his title whether they understood his philosophy or not.

But much his greatness came out when Bhojraj encountered his hidden knowledge and said to have spoken to him. It is evident that Bhojraj became one of the mighty emperors of northern India, who singlehandedly repelled the invasions of Delhi, and patronised elaborated temples and arts as well as took a part in the Bhakti Movement in the north. It is clearly evident that if anyone takes Vikramaditya as an ideal king, will also rise as the same!  

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari