In the ancient Indian Knowledge there were various kinds of approach to the divine within as per ones perception. Some choose the Kitten path, staying where they are, with utter knowingness in God which gave credence to their life. And there’s another sect that relies on the Monkey Path with the baby monkey holds tight when its mother does the adventures.

There were school that practice this discipline where most consider the Cat-Kitten path is the refined one whereas the Monkey Path involves the student’s effort in hooking to God within with utter might without distraction. While this has some issues that students might feel exhausted while yogic practise as they TRY to cling to GOD which is within while the Cat-Kitten style cares not for exhaustion but utter knowing.

In reality, Monkeys are not lazy at all times, but are unfocussed, going here and there, and the baby monkeys hold on to the bellies of their mothers and those who couldn’t will fall back. But those who has indomitable will and strength along with focus, will make it to the destination. But Cat-Kitten style involves stability. However, Cat are lazy sometimes, But they make use of that time for rejuvenation and focus. But Kittens in their blind trust on their mother cat, mostly lack the attitude of adventure. So, Both Monkey and Cat schools are needed for a Sadhaka, so that he can choose the appropriate steps regarding the state of his consciousness.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari