She’s one of the great saints of India during the modern times. Her grace is bliss and she preached the single minded devotion to God within the individual. Sri Pramahansa Yogananda wrote great things about her and her partner Bholenath. Her former name was Nirmala, as she got enlightened, she became the effervescent Anandamayi Ma.

Her approach of God is so simple that one can easily understand. Who some think of god, they think it farther from oneself and disregard daily life.

She says, when you know that God resides and is using your body, treat the other bodies as same, as an outward expression of God. When an embodiment is dear and shares life with you you call it wife, when it gives birth to your body, you call it mother, and when it cares and shares its wisdom, you call it father, and when it does your dishes, you call it a maid, and when it studies with you and shares its experiences with you, you call it a friend. But when you put the I and them Aside and See God in that place, you will realise who’s actually working from their bodies. It’s not them, though they forgot who they were, it God, live and well!

Anandamayi ma also tells that, the best way to pray to God is to do whatever your passion, with utter devotion and sincerity, appreciate simple things in life, appreciate your family, you neighbours, your friends, when you do things from Joy and love of the self, you lone not them or yourself, but God! That’s the simplest way to realise God in your daily life!

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari