A temple with the back-story of human evolution and a moral guideline to find god and renovate oneself.

Despite the surrounded myths, the temple and its history truly withstood cultural changes. The Temple in Issannapalli Village, Telangana; bears distinct idols of deities with strange rituals. The temple has a medieval architecture with a legend where Brahma and Vishnu debate over the lordship on earth disregarding Shiva – The Blue being present in all living things and beings – as the true lord of the universe. Thus Kaala Bhairava came forth from Shiva and taught a lesson to the gods.

Thus this shrine is said to be the second prominent Kaala Bhairava shrine after Kaasi. This temple is known to be the Redeemer from one’s past deeds and provides a second chance to live a better moral life by knowing the deeper meaning of the tale and acknowledging the Presence of Shiva within every being.  


Isannapally Village, Ramareddy, 

Kamareddy Taluka, Sadasiva Nagar Mandal, 

Nizamabad Dist, Telangana. 

Temple Website 


–       Venkat Dasari