The Cave Temple of Amarnath is 141 Km from Srinagar and situated at an altitude of 3,888 meters.

The significance of this shrine is that the Ice Lingam changes its height according to the phases of the Moon, it gets taller during the summer festival. It is a place where Parvati received enlightenment as she hears the knowledge of Immortality through Shiva. From then on, the temple is known for representing the symbol of Immortality, and those who know their true self as Shiva and apply the knowledge in their life will attain Immortality and become unified with the lord.

The Poet Kalhana in his book Rajatarangini mention of this Shrine. Queen Suryamati of the 11th century is said to have gifted Bana Lingas and Trishulas to this shrine. Prjayabhatta in his writings Rajavalipataka mentioned in detail about the pilgrimage to this temple.

The first discoverer of this cave in this civilization is said to be done by Sage Brigu as it used to be underwater during the great floods that the water was later drained by Saint Kashyapa.Devotees trek to Visit this shrine in the months of July and August. The first groups of people to visit this cave after Brigu Maharshi, were of Gadaria clan of the Himalayas. Even now, every year, more than 6 million devotees make a challenging trek to the shrine with unswerving will.

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia