It is a day where the existence of the self-The Creator came into being before creating the universe, as a fierce column of light, the lingodhbhavam, a beginning with no proper beginning and no such thing as an end. In fact, this day marks not the precise beginning but brings the essence that always exists for there is no distinct beginning. This ancient knowledge also gave birth to String theory.

In the context of spirituality, Mahashivaratri is the festival of ALL! Every year, people mark the day before the new moon as Shivaratri and Once in a year in March, they call it the Maha Shivaratri – The Grand Night Of Shiva.

According to Shiva Purana, those who sit straight on this day and focus on the god within, the magnetic pull drags them to the inside and hastens their path to enlightenment.

Shiva is also denoted in humanity as the Upadrashta – The Cumulative Observer who experiences this world through human form lost into forgetfulness of his divinity. This is clearly denoted as Shiva roaming on Earth forgetting who he is after the Sacrifice of Sati and no one knows when he retained his memory until Sati appears as Parvati and gets united with the Lord.

Just like Sita and Rama, devotees also celebrate the unity of Shiva and Shakti on this auspicious day and those who are deep into the path of enlightenment, celebrate this day as a code to deeper knowledge! 

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia