Whenever we look at the lifestyle of the people, be they’re from any nationality, most of them live on a status quo imposed by a drilled programming enticed through movies and education into to the minds of the people that certain regions of people behave according to the influences in that place. The entire result would be the neglect of the source culture of every land. As we know India is the bank of ancient culture, even we do have a challenge that the propagandists still try to undermine the unbroken civilization chain and they still try to varnish the Aryan Invasion.

The situation is quite mindboggling in Egypt. Being the tourist magnet, the Pyramids, the temples, and all other ancient sites, the scenario there is making ancient stay in the ancient. As the Roman invasions halted Egypt’s progress, even the modernization of the country is not helping the remaining ancient culture to thrive. The Papyrus makers there were as few as the original Egyptians. The Papyrus harvesting has been as few as ten acres in the entire country and only a handful of artisans are involved in its making, only to make some artwork that later would be sold to tourists.

When we look at India, the same thing is happening here. But it’s on all levels. It first started with ancient knowledge contamination with altered translations. Then it took on rarefying Sanskrit curriculum from mainstream education. Then Ayurveda has been targeted to an extent that the majority in India didn’t know how to make homemade toothpaste. Despite having millenniums of proven data, our natural remedies for a better immunity have not been adequately promoted as vigorously as they do to commercial/artificial things. Even when we look at the neglect of ancient temples, the newly constructed ones may look like the ancient temples, but they didn’t have that depth and deeper knowledge which the ancient structures have. Despite being everything about humanity is being forcedly digitized, the neglect of our ancient culture is purely visible. And it’s time for all to wake up from medieval ignorance and take back our ancient knowledge into our daily lives.