One of the 18 Mutts established by Saint Ramanuja in 1050, the Emar Mutts is again in headlines due to a fascinating discovery of Treasure trove. The first discovery has been made in 2011, by two Masons, but as the ASI dug deep, they unearthed a chamber filled with 522 silver ingots, that weighs 18 tonnes. This made the Mutts, which now works accordingly to the Jagannath Temple of Puri. No one exactly knows the actual origin of this treasure while some archaeologists claim that these silver ingots were given by the British to the Mutt.

When Narayan Ramanuj Das, Mahant of UttarParshwa Mutt, instigated to have another search mission, they found a silver tree, silver flowers, ten antique swords, and a bronze cow sculpture. Now, this led the archaeologists to further continue the search with metal detectors. Samarth Verma, the district collector of Puri, is also overseeing this search. Earlier, when the treasure trove was found, several former officials of Mutt claimed the ownership of the treasures. However, the treasures were now guarded by the state.

These mutts were once the schools of Vishistadvaita and worked extensively in the bhakti movement. Ramanuja’s cousin Govindacharya, headed this mutt was then called “Emperumannar” in Tamil which means, ‘My Lord’. However, a sect of disciples opposed this hierarchy and changed this name to Emar. Apart from the knowledge taught in this Mutt. Lord Rama, Lady Sita, and Lord Laxman are the chief gods that are deeply revered here. Along with the Mutts, the ancient Raghunathan Library is also another attraction as a real treasure trove of knowledge.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari