When we look at the marvellous nature of Ancient Wisdom that we have in this land, on the other hand, the superstitions that were prevalent in Dark eras are still prevalent under currently in the Indian population, which directly or indirectly cause them to be ignorant. Just as Ivan Pavlov experimented with animal nature, that when people are conditioned, they totally forget their natural state of being and act like animals, keeping common sense aside.

Well, our ancients have a lot of common sense! But as the country underwent the rule of invaders, be they religious, colonial and later corporate and governmental, people still lack commonsense and what actually did the ancients know! Superstitions like Astrology and Vastu are very prominent aspects of ignorance that people forget that Astrology is actually an extraordinary science of studying the movements of stars and planets, but ignorance comes in when one thinks that they control their fate! And the Vastu Shastra is now another prevalent ignorance even the most educated fall into this trap.

However, the vastu shastra is a mindboggling architectural technology when delved deeply into it, it actually tells that how to construct a structure that lasts longer by staying strong amid harsh climatic conditions, if any! It’s nothing but ancient civil engineering! But, to ones ignorance, this technology has been a fair dogmatic business that people link construction ideas with their fate, they even cut down beautiful trees, and even build uneven walls and other crazy stuff, causing inconvenience to daily life, this is just as ignorant as astrology! It’s all about the belief system. If so, this begs a question. What about God? What about harmony? What about ancient knowledge that actually says God is in you? And what about all the sages who dwell in jungle, the householders like Lahiri Mahasaya? Did they care about these superstitions? Absolutely not!